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Heritage and nature are reoccurring themes flowing through my practice, emerging through and employing the use of photography, printmaking, digital print, drawing, textiles, text and multimedia. 

Heritage is expanded upon through research, archive materials and artefacts which enable me to investigate as artist, historian, explorer, anthropologist and storyteller.  Where heritage meets nature is of particular interest. Connections which elaborate on and celebrate our deep historical relationship to nature, its’ pervading influence on human behaviour, or the intoxicating effect that nature can have on the soul—emerges through my work in narratives that demonstrate a reverence to nature at its core.

Community storytelling embracing these themes, allows for a true creative collaboration in engaged practice.  People can act as a catalyst for new discoveries or build relatable narratives to engage new audiences: exploring community identity through people’s individual stories and experiences, or as investigation of space and place.

Boundaries between different threads of personal and participatory work are persistently merging, the separation between them becoming less distinct: providing for affirmative, challenging ways to move forward and stimulating new connections that enrich my practice.