Night of the Zeppelin 1916

Night of the Zeppelin 1916 Pencil & ink on Paper, Mixed Media.  270 x 120 x 90mm (Container)

“On the most exciting night of my life, I should have been in bed asleep, but I had just read a letter from George and came back from scouts.  There had been talk of the scouts acting as lookouts at night.  Excited, I had borrowed some binoculars from the school master, mostly to see if I could spy dad coming home from the pub.  It was definitely well past midnight when I heard a strange hmmm and then a ghostly apparition (I learnt this new word at Sunday school) at a distance in the sky.  It looked like an air balloon, but then I heard the air-raid warning.  What lights that were on were suddenly extinguished, and looking from my window I saw people appearing at windows and doors up the street.  While the whole village plunged into darkness, the shape grew closer even though I could see it was very high in the sky, as it passed directly over us.  The bottom my street exploded with a loud bang and the street lit up like a bonfire…”

[Extract from letter artefact]

A Zeppelin bombing raid over the city of Nottingham, in the early hours of September 25th 1916, sent the city into near-panic and lights were immediately extinguished.  Unfortunately, the railway companies didn’t follow suit.  A single Zeppelin made a beeline for the illuminated buildings, dropping a clutch of bombs in a line from Eastcroft through the Meadows to Nottingham Midland Station, along Carrington Street, Greyfriar Gate, Wheeler Gate, Lister Gate and on to Victoria Station where windows were shattered.  Netherfield in Nottingham, suffered a bomb dropping on Dunstan street, demolishing six houses.  The site is level to this day, housing a children’s playground. Night of the Zeppelin, is an artefact that tells the story of Peter and Maude (aged 10 & 9 1/2 respectively) who witnessed the event.  The artefact launched an arts and heritage residency at Netherfield Primary School.


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