Love Stories from the Dance Floor

 Love Stories From The Dance Floor (The Public Gallery)
Love Stories from the Dance Floor—Multi-Media Installation, The Public Gallery, West Midlands.

Eighteen stories in the form of nine digital books—shown on the gallery’s touch-screens—offer themes of love, loss, companionship, community and shared heritage.  Collected on residency at a weekly tea-dance,  they demonstrate the importance of the tea-dance in connecting seniors, often the most isolated members of our community.

Love Stories From The Dance Floor reveals the significance of dancing not just as a vehicle for physical health, but as a vital place for friendship and solace, particularly for those having lost their life-long companions—abruptly finding themselves alone once again.  They are a broad collection of stories: from those whose eyes met across the dance floor; to young men learning to dance to meet girls; to a recollection of a veteran of Normandy on D-Day.  They reflect a historical picture of West Bromwich, individual stories of its residents and a shared narrative of a generation.

An example of one of the digital books

Also exhibited The Art Of Story (2012) The Public Gallery.